Saturday, September 17, 2011

Where are the BADD Chics at?

Attention: ALL SEXY LADIES!!

This means YOU! We are now taking submissions for BTBU Badd Chics! This is your time to shine. If you want some modeling exposure or just want to be seen submit your photos to be featured on BTBU Badd Chics.

We will feature the sexiest of the baddest chics on the face of the planet! If you believe you have what it takes e-mail us your photos and info now at BTBU Badd Chics

Along with the photos please submit a short one paragraph bio which includes your name or nic-name you want displayed with your picture and a little about you or what you like to do. Contact or booking info can be added as well if you want it displayed.

Please do not add personal information.

Photo Guidelines:

  • All persons submiting photos must be at lease 18 years of age
  • Full body shots preferred (Other shots excepted)
  • If you submit only one picture it can not be just a face or head shot
  • Photos must be good or high quality
  • Unclear or blurred photos will not be excepted
  • Light nudity permitted (Photos containing nudity may be edited)
  • Explicit photos will NOT be shown on this site at this time
All submissions are subject to our terms and conditions of service and by submitting photos you are bound by the terms of service automatically. For full details of the terms and conditions of services click on the following link TOS.

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