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  • How do I get the buy 1 get 1 free deal?
    All you have to do is add 2 beats with the same license type and the deal will activate!
  • Are beats delivered instantly?
    Yes! Right after purchase you will have access to your beat download(s).
  • Will the license agreement be in there too?
    Yes! Beat downloads and licenses are available for download instantly and you can come back to the receipt page at any time!
  • Do the beats have headroom?
    Yes! I make sure to leave at least -3db of headroom for the beat downloads. I’m an engineer so I know how important it is!
  • Can I post the song I make on streaming platforms?
    Yes! Please review the terms depending on the license type to see the stream count per license. If you don’t want a limit, I have an unlimited license for the beats. With this license you’ll be able to have unlimited streams, etc ( all listed in the license term


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