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Ableton Push 3

The Ableton Push 3 has just been released with some pretty impressive specs. It comes with an 11th Generation i3 processor using 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal SSD storage. I found that highly impressive considering the top of the line MPC X SE only comes with 4GB of RAM and 48GB of internal storage and costs $600 more.

The Push 3 also comes with 64 MPE enabled pads and has a built in audio interface that supports up to a 96khz sample rate with ADAT I/O and MIDI over USB C and A. The Push 3 can also output CV signals after some configuration.

One of the most interesting things for a lot of people was the Ableton Push 3 Live Set Transfer which allows you to transfer any project to and from your computer over a WiFi connection.

Other that that the announcement that impressed me the most was the ability to upgrade the processor, RAM, and Storage. Yes, That is right! They made the Ableton Push 3 modular. They said that in the future the internals of the device WILL be able to be upgraded as technology advances and demands. That is really amazing so I hope they can fulfill the hopes of the people when this happens.

To hear more on my thoughts about this device check the video below.

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