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The MPC 2.11.5 Update - What's New?

The good stuff

The MPC 2.11.5 Update has just been released. This update addresses a few major bugs that the MPC and the software had but also introduces some new hidden features.

The biggest bug fix in the new update is with Splice. Although it still has some flaws Splice for Standalone users has pretty much been fixed and is finally usable again in Standalone. All samples have been verified to work in all folders on the MPC in both the internal storage and when used with add on drives including SSDs, HDDs, Flash Drives, and SD Cards.

Although splice is working in Standalone for those people who like to use their MPC in Controller mode the samples on the MPC storage location does not work at this time for some unknown reason. (AGAIN STANDALONE DOES WORK)

It is suggested that Controller mode users drag and drop samples directly from the Splice desktop app or download directly from the Splice website at this time.

A bug that windows users were having with the data dial only changing selections after two clicks has also been fixed. It now should work as expected.

The use of audio interfaces with the MPC line has also been greatly improved. Many interfaces were experiencing clicks and pops that have now been resolved. Some select interfaces may still have issues but as of now the connection with audio interfaces has become much more stable.

Now also new in the MPC Software as highly requested you have the ability to rearrange plugins in your insert chain. This only works in the MPC Software at this time and does not work on the hardware device but I am very hopeful that this feature will be soon added to the MPC hardware devices.

*One thing to note is that the plugins will not swap with each other. If you drag and drop a plugin on a slot that already has a plugin loaded it will OVERWRITE that plugin.* I hope this is changed in the future as I would rather the plugins be automatically swapped rather that overwritten and deleted as of now since we only have four insert slots on the MPC and in the MPC Software.

The Bad Stuff

Although we got most of the bug fixes we wanted unfortunately there is a new bug I have to highlight. As of right now MP3 files no longer seem to work in the hardware or software. I feel this is disappointing because many people use MP3 files as an easy low file size way to share their projects be it rough drafts and even finished beats. A lot of people also sample from MP3s as well.

This bug is not a major deal breaker for me but I can see where it can and might be an annoyance because as of now in order to use these files you will have to convert them into another format like a .WAV or a .AIF to give a few examples.


Even with the MP3 Bug I still thing this update is a must install if you are already using the MPC 2.11 Software and Firmware update. Stability and overall usability improvements are much needed. This update is not perfect but much closer than previous iterations.

If you need help installing the MPC 2.11 Update I have a detailed video that can be found here and please check out the store before you leave. You just might find something cool. Thank you for your support!

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