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BlockSquad Fresh

Keep Bangin Out Hits!
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GhettoStyles and Beat The Block Up Musik and Entertainment

Presents BlockSquad Fresh!

GhettoStyles steps up with an amazing catalog of keygroups, drum programs, and one shots that is guaranteed to become a staple in the production process of many MPC Users around the world. This MPC Expansion has over 80 melodic and drum loops to sample and includes over 70 keygroups. Sounds included are broken up into four sections “BSF BLUE, BSF Green, BSF PURPLE, and BSF RED. I have also included an extra folder with one shots and extra samples for your use and a Bonus Folder with pre-chopped samples.

BlockSquad Fresh is fully compatible with ALL Standalone MPC models, MPC BEATS, the Akai FORCE, and the latest MPC Software versions.

ALL SAMPLES can also easily be used and manipulated in any other DAW of choice.

~The free samples from 808 Marvel Super Heroes and The 400 Subscriber pack are included as a bonus.~


On a Mac extract files using the ARCHIVE UTILITY

On windows you can download 7zip for free and use this utility to extract the files.

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